Simone Mones

Seminars and workshops

The success of a company depends as much on its talented individuals as it does on its ability to maintain a learning culture. Learning culture means that the know-how about important new processes and skills is not only in the hands of pundits but can be understood and implemented by all employees. Seminars and Workshops are the leverages which help to establish a common learning culture within a company.

This learning culture is always a specific one, depending on the company's own history and culture. Therefore, my seminars and workshops are customized in order to meet every client's and company's needs. 

From experience, I decided not to use the typical run- of-the-mill methods like formal brainstorming sessions or metaplan technique, neither do I ask presentations or prefabricated role plays from participants. Fresh ideas or solutions do not spring up from conventional thinking and I always will give a chance for participants to come up with new perspectives on seemingly known issues. My method starts with focusing on descriptions. A discussion about new aspects coming from accurate descriptions opens doors to new thinking. Also, the insights which can be gained from group insights are often more valuable than the sum of each of the individuals' conclusions on the matter. 

The fact that people within the group find a new in-depth understanding on any matter in discussion creates a bonding within the group and this emotional result will live on in their daily work. That team bonding will encourage employees to tackle new challenges on the job. I understand myself as a catalyst for triggering that new learning atmosphere.