Simone Mones
Simone Mones


Simone Mones, Psychologist by degree, certified business and personal coach, certificate as change manager

1989: diploma
until 2006: Head of Consultancy, EVOLOG, Cologne
since 2006: simone mones business psychology

Formations at the moment


  • until Oct. 2020: Traffic psychological advice
  • until May 2021: Psycho-oncological support


I am working on the fields as follows:

  • Business consultancy for companies and organizations
  • Clarification of social relationships at work and in private life
  • Coaching and lifestyle analysis
  • Supervision and advice
  • Support in crises and difficult situations
  • Counseling in decision-making situations


I am a lecturer for study programs at Middlesex University (London) with organizational and economic support from KMU Akademie & Management AG. I do market research in English and French.

My interdisciplinary work leads to an approach that differs from conventional coaching, training and consulting. My practical experience is broad and varied; I'm used to tackle difficult situations which need new solutions. I offer new perspectives that cannot be found in either literature or seminars. They come from real experience, not from academic constructs, or storytelling.