Simone Mones

Strategic consultancy

Companies can be likened to ecological systems. They are open for change, they are dynamic and complex. They require a specific environment in which they can establish themselves and subsequently prosper. Yet, this environment itself is subject to change and it is hard to foresee how and when this will take place. So the company must have its finger on the pulse.

My approach starts from an interdisciplinary perspective where economics blend with information technology and psychology. From there, I analyze the mutual influences and dynamics between organizational structure, clients, and staff to figure out the specific leadership culture. If the relationship between people, company, and market is revealed, then it can be optimized. A successful change depends on the ability and acceptance of all people within the company to contribute to the change process individually and as groups. Appropriate conditions must be created and that means establishing a learning culture.

As soon as a major change process has been launched, change must be managed. This means stepping aside from standard solutions and taking into account everything which potentially has an impact on the overall situation. Implementing new strategies, structures, systems, processes, and attitudes optimizes effectiveness and contributes to the survival of the company.