Simone Mones

Coaching for individuals

My coaching focuses on my clients' individual needs relating to their recent job and what seems to be necessary or subject to change in their working life. Whatever the case, the starting point is always their inner belief and personal outlook on it. I then set out to uncover everything that goes to make up their perception. In order to change behavior or conditions successfully they have to put it into perspective first. Depending on their goals, it might prove necessary to conduct a personal assessment. The aim is to answer the following questions: What are the chances that clients - according to their skills and needs - can successfully integrate into a specific working environment? Will they be able and willing to relate to that very working environment in the long term?

Along with my clients, I define alternative manners which they can experiment within daily situations. This allows them to open up a variety of behaviors. In fact, most people find it hard to solve problems because they believe there is only one way to react appropriately and that is the one they have been using so far. Especially when a crisis occurs, the most common human behavior is to stick to familiar thought patterns, even more than under normal circumstances. Yet, it is very often a crisis offers a real opportunity because one must concentrate harder on what to do. As soon as the mind starts to experiment with fresh ideas, fresh solutions come up to cope with the here and now situation. Working on this within a coaching process is a very fruitful way for finding a new identity at work and be pleased with it. It might also lead to a decision for personal change.

My coaching focuses strictly on working issues.